Sumary of our firts Easter

After almost 2 weeks from opening, we can summarize our first Holy Week as follows:

  • More than 80 adult travelers have stayed at our hostal.
  • We have tried to maintain our prices in an affordable way, so that our guests can enjoy and know Zamora during the most interesting week of Zamora.
  • The overall satisfaction has been high despite the heavy workload.
  • We have had certain technical problems on Holy Thursday at night due to the new facilities, which have been solved quickly and satisfactorily, even though it is the most difficult day to find technicians in Zamora throughout the year.

Thank you for trusting in us and we hope to continue serving our customers many Semana Santas in Zamora.

Ode to our First Guest

After so long time with this lodging closed, so long time under refurbishing, our management and generational change, you have been the first one.

Hostal Gemi’s firts guest

Maybe you have noticed it, maybe you feel weird because you saw no other guest, you have been brave enough to stay where there was no other customer’s rating, maybe you chose us because of the quality, Price and location.

You are our guest number 1, an adventurer, if you keep guiding yourself by your own judgement, you will do well in life, and so we hope it will.

For all that, thank you very much.

Zamora, more than Easter

Even though our city is known by its Easter, it has more, our city has some museums that it is also interesting to visit:

-“Centro de interpretación de ciudades medievales”, medieval cities interpretation center. Here we can appreciate how was the city during the middle ages, and how other cities were at that time.

-“El museo catedralicio” Cathedral’s museum. XVI century Flemish tapestries are shown there, these tapestries are some of the best preserved in Spain.

-“El museo provincial de Zamora” Zamora’s province museum. This is my favorite museum, including historical pieces and artifacts found throughout Zamora province, it shows our archaeological wealth.

-“El museo etnográfico de Castilla y León”, Castilla y León ethnographic museum. My grandfather would stop at front of each piece shown and tell me “this was used by me, now you have everything!!! You don’t understand how life was”

Among others…